We were talking about timelines and we can just pick up where we left off.

It’s partly about patterns. I was working with a client – as you know – I am a past-life therapist, and earned my Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology in the UK.   Much of this work is about asking questions. What is incomplete? What is unresolved?   When something in the psyche is incomplete and/or unresolved, we don’t quite have the energy or juice to reach our goals. There is a gap. So this particular client had a reoccurring sense of needing to get somewhere, to complete and fulfill a mission. There wasn’t anything in her background that indicated it was from this lifetime. I asked the question: what is the core of this issue? We were led to an experience which seemed to take place in the time of the Old Testament. Whether that is a metaphor, doesn’t really matter.   It is really a ‘soul story’, something unresolved in the psyche. It doesn’t matter if strictly speaking the person truly had a past-life at that time or if it is simply a way to share the experience. Either approach works as it is a question of integration. This ‘aspect’ or character needed to feel the completion of the mission at the time, to lead the people into the Promised Land. We took care of this through the therapeutic techniques used in past-life therapy and reached resolution. For people who want more info on this, I can certainly recommend a book from one of my teachers: Dr. Roger Woolger: Other Lives, Other Selves. It’s fantastic.

After the session, the client reported that she felt ‘better’, lighter and more fulfilled. So that in itself was a terrific integration. However, there is more. And here is where it gets really interesting. We had another session a few weeks later.   The client reported feeling unsettled about a decision she made some years earlier to initiate and complete a large construction project. Building this venue had held significant meaning for her, and now she said she felt listless and lacked motivation. As this perspective was new, and only appeared after our recent work together, I asked her to explore this further and see if the project belonged to her, at a personality level. Although this may seem like a strange question to ask, it has been my experience that we can ‘take on’ belief systems or ideas that do not belong to us and may be the expectation from a parent, friend or spouse. As we had recently completed this huge piece of integration, I wanted to ask her this question. Much to her surprise, she said:  “No, it belonged to this aspect from an earlier time, and I no longer had any interest in fulfilling the project.”

So, in other words, this project or this vision did not belong to the personality in this lifetime.

After an initial period of integrating her feelings around this, which included some grief around ‘not having a vision’ anymore, she felt incredibly liberated. She was congruent with herself.

This is an example of living out a timeline from a past aspect of oneself. In this case, the timeline was unfinished business, which ‘carried through’. In therapeutic terms, we call this ‘bleedthrough’, and it is a stunning example of the way in which we work on a multi-dimensional level.   You can see the link between the multi-dimensional soul and what I call timelines.


Go on.


Okay. So working in the present –making a conscious choice in the now – to heal or integrate something, which appears to be in the past, impacts the present, which allows the old energy from the past to impact the future.   Is that as clear as mud?


I think you are saying this is an example of how we play out our role as multi-dimensional beings without knowing it.   I do keep saying: There is no time.


Yes, you do. And on that note, we are out of time for today.


Namaste. Be well. And stay conscious.


Until next time.


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